Saturday, October 6, 2007

cotton v wool

Gladys Gatlin, 96 y.o. today, worked at the mill 30+ years.

While extant newspapers of Charlottesville do not prove that such an impulse helped account for support of the Charlottesville factory, as was the case after the war, there must have been some degree of this sectional patriotism at work. By 1860 two factories were in the production of cotton and woolen cloth. Together capitalized at $34,600 and employing twenty men and twenty-two women, the two mills had only about ten percent of their investment and one-third of their work force involved in the manufacture of woolen cloth. The remainder was used in cotton cloth production. Similarly, of a total annual output of' $61,750 in cloth, merely one-sixth was in woolens. Labor costs in making these woolens amounted to $2,088 yearly as compared to $3,912 in cotton cloth production.--Harry Poindexter

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