Thursday, September 6, 2007

Farish, Jones and Company

With these transactions, the factory at "Pireus" began to be separated from its position as an adjunct of the Meriwether farm. Determined efforts were initiated to turn it into a going concern. On May 15, 1847, one month after William Farish obtained half interest in the site, an unchartered company was formed to exploit the opportunities offered by the dam, water power, and machinery. This new group took the name Farish, Jones and Company. There were now three partners, the latest being Henry W. Jones whom we have met before. Jones secured one undivided third from the other two in all the property and water rights which had been involved in the bargain between the Farishes, except for one abutment of the toll bridge. A value of $14,000 was placed on this contribution to the partnership. For his share, Jones conveyed to each of the other two a one-third interest in the machinery at the factory at "Pireus" for the manufacture of cotton and wool, in the carpenters and machinists tools there, and in the blacksmith shop, brass foundry, and dye establishment attached to the mill. This equipment, by the way, had been owned previously by the partners Crewdson and Jones was valued at $7,000.--Harry Poindexter

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