Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Thomas L. Farish

In 1846 began a series of developments which by the end of the War had laid the basis of the mill of 1954. First was a succession of purchases that soon put the mill in the possession of those who were destined to add the impulse which made the post-war enterprise a success. Second, a gradual de-emphasis on all activity but cotton and wool processing eventually made that the major interest of the factory. This was hastened by the advent of war which suddenly extended to wool manufacturing a great importance in the Confederate economy as the need for uniforms and other woolen goods grew while isolation from northern manufacturing centers cut off the South's major source of supply. On October 22, 1846, William H. Meriwether and Thomas L. Parish completed negotiations for the sale of a large amount of property along the banks of the Rivanna and Moore's Creek belonging to Meriwether.--Harry Poindexter



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