Sunday, January 20, 2008

fish pond

Woodie Pritchett and Louise Baltimore c. 1930, in the backyard of 1604 Woolen Mills Road. Louise met Woodie at their workplace, the Charlottesville Woolen Mills. They married, October 21, 1933.

This writer has been unable to find statistics to indicate prevailing wage scales at the mill. In 1881, however, it appears that sixty employees divided a sum of $16,138, which indicated an average wage of only $270. These figures covered a thirteen-month period and become even more strikingly low when one considers that an average conceals the wage scale which separated various classes of workers. Moreover, nearly two hundred persons were dependent on these wages for their livelihood. And in February, 1879, a "general reduction in values" forced a ten percent cut in wages and salaries which lasted for a year. --Harry Poindexter

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