Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Letters are a valuable source of historic data. We hold out hope that we'll turn up a nineteenth century Woolen Mills Village letter writer or a diarist whose writings would provide a glimpse into the daily rhythm of life in this village.
History doesn't stop. For certain purposes we classify the Woolen Mills Village's "period of significance" 1795-1958, but truly, all of the past is history, from the Paleoindian period to yesterday afternoon.
Part of our mission here at Woolen Mills Road is preservation, preservation of photos, letters, archaeological and architectural resources.
In May and June of 2008 we received considerable correspondence regarding the re-enactment of the Timberlake-Branham Farm's 1993 historic overlay. The note above arrived yesterday. It will be archived, Annie Dillard's voice is added to the chorus.



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