Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a Sunday remembered

We were down one Sunday, and Lloyd Harlow and I think John Drumheller, the other boy, three of us, they were just building the powerhouse down here, devastated now of course. They've taken off twenty five or thirty foot of the chimney now for safety reasons.
At this time it was new, just been built, hadn't been put in use. The bottom of it had big iron doors that you opened to clean out the soot in the chimney. There was a steel ladder going up the inside of the stack. It was perfectly new, clean as a whistle, and so we climbed up inside of the chimney, it was about 100-125 feet high, pretty high for the diameter of it. When you got on top, it was very scary looking really.
Lloyd got scared and wouldn't come down. We couldn't entice him to come down. It was Sunday afternoon, he was supposed to be in church, all three of us were supposed to be in Church, in Sunday School rather. So, we had to come down and go get his daddy, and his daddy came down there and after a time he climbed up the chimney and got Lloyd down, I was surprised, he was scared to death himself.--Roy Jackson Baltimore



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