Monday, August 6, 2007

demon rum, run-up to the 18th amendment

In addition to its built in scrapbook, Ginny Starkes' Bible contained this family pledge to protect innocents from the evils of ETOH. 26 years after this Bible was published, the 18th Amendment was ratified.

Believing it to be better for all
We, the undersigned solemnly promise
to abstain from the use of all
intoxicating drinks as a beverage.
Why sign the pledge? Because...

1. Moderate drinking tends to drunkenness, while total abstinence directly from it.
2. While no one means to become a drunkard, there is said to be over six hundred thousand confirmed drunkards in our country to-day.
3. Intoxicating drinks can do no good as a beverage, and there are always safer and surer remedies to use in case of sickness.
4. The idea of moderation is full of deceit, and our estimate of the power of our own will is usually a mistaken one.
5. The drinking habit is the cause of the larger portion of the misery, poverty and crime in our land.
6. Both science and experience prove that even moderate drinking is injurious to the health.
7. External interests are often forfeited through drink, for the Bible declares that no drunkard shall enter heaven.
8, The Bible pronounces no blessing upon drinking, but many upon total abstinence.
9. It is easier to keep a pledge publicly, solemnly given than a simple resolution.
10. The pledge protects us from the solicitations of friends and removes us from the temptations of the saloon.
11. Persons miscalculate their ability to drink in moderation, and become slaves to the drinking habit before they are aware of it.
12. Intemperance obstructs civilization, education, religion and every useful reform.



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