Across the street from the Gianninys was the family of Charles Burgess Holloway and Mamie Bellomy Holloway. In addition to their three daughters, Ruby (12), Lola (10), and Dot (8), Mamie and C.B. had two boarders, Lloyd and Bernard Woodson, living in the house.
In 1920, the house at 1601 Woolen Mills Road was one of 27 properties the Woolen Mills rented to employees. Rents ranged from $2.37 to $8.00 per month. In the case of 1601, the rent was $6.50 per month.
C.B. worked in the mill sorting wool, six days a week. I have not been able to determine how many hours were in the workday. I have heard ten to twelve hours. C.B. earned $3.90 per day.
In 1934, C.B. and Mamie built a house of their own on top of the 8th tee (1515 Woolen Mills Road) following the subdivision of the golf course. In the ensuing years their daughters Ruby and Dot, once married, built houses immediately to the west of their parents. C.B. and Mamie’s daughter Lola lives in the neighborhood to this day.
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